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Wednesday, December 2, 2009 9:14 pm

Why I love winter

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Because if it gets cold enough, even Hooper decides to wear socks.

Hooper hates socks. He’s not fond of shoes, for that matter, but he hates socks. The problem is, if he wears shoes without socks for a day, then comes home and kicks off his shoes, Nature herself howls with indignation at the desecration. The very air we breathe takes on a greenish-brown tinge and becomes suffused with the odor of fresh canine feces at a range of roughly three microns. Windowpanes crack. The studs in the walls scream in protest. Lucky, The World’s Dumbest Puggle, who doesn’t exactly smell like a rose himself, drops with a 32-pound thud onto the kitchen floor, senseless, while my eyes stream tears of blood.

He’s wearing socks tomorrow if I have to staple them on.

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