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Thursday, December 3, 2009 9:11 pm

In which Senate Republicans get schooled

Having been criticized for being douches, the 30 Senate Republicans who voted against Al Franken’s let’s-not-screw-rape-victims-any-more-than-they’ve-already-been-screwed amendment now are claiming, somewhat less than convincingly, that Franken’s the one who’s a douche:

The Republicans are steamed at Franken because partisans on the left are using a measure he sponsored to paint them as rapist sympathizers — and because Franken isn’t doing much to stop them.

“Trying to tap into the natural sympathy that we have for this victim of this rape — and use that as a justification to frankly misrepresent and embarrass his colleagues, I don’t think it’s a very constructive thing,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said in an interview.

“I think it’s going to make a lot of senators leery and start looking at things he’s doing earlier on, because I don’t think it got appropriate attention ahead of time.”

In a chamber where relationship-building is seen as critical, some GOP senators question whether Franken’s handling of the amendment could damage his ability to work across the aisle. Soon after Tennessee GOP Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander co-wrote an op-ed in a local newspaper defending their votes against the Franken measure, the Minnesota Democrat confronted each senator separately to dispute their column — and grew particularly angry in a tense exchange with Corker.

People familiar with the Corker exchange say it was heated and ended abruptly — a sharp departure from the norm on the usually clubby Senate floor.

Goodness. So much pearl-clutching. Where to start?

Memo to Politico: It ain’t just “partisans on the left.” It’s everyone who gives a damn about rape victims.

Question for John Cornyn: What did Franken misrepresent? Did he say you voted against the amendment when you actually voted for it? No? Then he didn’t misrepresent a thing. And if it embarrasses you, well, dude, if you don’t want douchey publicity, then stop being a douche.

Another question for John Cornyn: What possible basis is there for believing that you might have been willing to work with Franken on any measure of public benefit, ever, even before this episode happened?

Question for Senate Republicans: What does it say about you that Franken might have foreseen that this measure would have the outcome that it did?

Another question for Senate Republicans: After Dick Cheney told somebody on the floor of the Senate to commit an anatomically improbable act upon himself, why should I care what Republicans think about Senate decorum?

Question for senators in general: Why is “relationship-building” seen as anywhere near as important as not being a douche?

Bonus fun: These douches fell into a trap set by the guy they all thought would be an absolutely inept senator.

Bonus comment from commenter The Grand Panjandrum at Balloon Juice: “Life’s a bitch, and then you become one. How does it feel to be Al Franken’s bitch, Johnny?”

Question for Politico editors: How do you let this piece go online without at least making the reporter try to get some of the Republican senators on the record as to why they opposed the measure? And why did you not link to the op-ed you mention (it’s right here)?


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