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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 9:45 pm

How American public discourse works

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Jason Linkins at HuffPo:

“Howard Dean and similar-minded policymakers get treated as a passionate activists, but not as “serious” experts. … Similarly, being an activist means never receiving credit for being on the right side of an issue. By contrast, as we’ve seen time and again, being considered an “expert” allows you the opportunity to be wrong and wrong and wrong again and yet remain the more credible party in how the debate takes place on America’s op-ed pages.

I’m trying to think of a single major issue in the past decade, from fighting terrorism to torture to running the economy to health care, where the people who have been right were the ones who actually got to make policy — or, for that matter, even got consistent, prominent play in U.S. mainstream media …

… and I’m coming up dry.

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