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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 11:27 pm

The Rude Pundit wants/your haikus on the New Year/to flesh out his blog

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Info here (note that he doesn’t call himself “rude” for nothing). So far I’ve contributed these:

  • It’s the banksters’ world,/We just live in it, thanks to/Barack Obama.
  • Jail war criminals,/Starting with Bush. Don’t forget/Barack Obama.
  • Where is all that change/we can believe in? I think/I want my vote back.
  • Note to Barack fans:/”Better than worst prez ever”/is too low a bar.
  • ’bout January/and the Panthers once again/are done for the year.
  • No beer or junk food/to hold my attention so/I write poems for y’all.

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