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Saturday, January 9, 2010 11:19 pm

Meta, solipsistic, self-involved, etc.

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“Lex,” you are no doubt thinking, “tell me about the search terms that bring people to Blog on the Run!”


On any given day, “shark” or some term involving sharks is likely to be the most used search term.

All-time, the leading search term has been “Harry Potter birthday cake” and variants thereof, followed by “I’m in ur computer” and variants thereof, followed by “on the run,” “blog on the run,” Abu Ghraib, my name, the biblical phrase “Raise a child up [in the way that he should go],” the term “math humor” and Grecian Formula.

The top-ranking real person (besides me)? David X. Li, the mathematician behind the obscure financial instruments that brought down the economy.

Not very titillating, huh?

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