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Saturday, February 13, 2010 12:01 am

Yes, this winter’s snowfest and global warming are compatible

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And I’m going to let someone who actually understands what in pluperfect hell he’s talking about explain why:

Another interesting result from the Changnon et al. (2006) paper (Figure 2) is the relationship between heavy snowstorms and the average winter temperature. For the contiguous U.S. between 1900 – 2001, the authors found that 61% – 80% of all heavy snowstorms of 6+ inches occurred during winters with above normal temperatures. In other words, the old adage, “it’s too cold to snow”, has some truth to it.

Note his careful caveat that the data are not completely unambiguous on this point, but as a general basis for understanding, it’s pretty strong.

Oh, and more science. Suck it, denialists.

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