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Saturday, March 20, 2010 7:21 pm

A good question

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There’s some serious meltdown going on in Right Blogistan because some wingnuts are discovering that other wingnuts are, well, nuts.

Apropos of which, D. Aristophanes of Sadly, No!, who is not now and never has been a wingnut, asks:

When do we, the longstanding voices of sanity in these matters, get any friggin’ credit at all for having called these spades, spades for years and years and years? Too lazy to link, but we’ve seen a marked rise in rightbloggers actually linking here (and to other lefty blogs) for evidence/support for their various excommunications of former bedfellows … yet nary a word of acknowledgment for being … right all along, begrudging or not, comes our way. Not looking for new allies, just some common courtesy.

Seems like not too much to ask. I don’t expect it, but then the Debbie Schlussels of the world don’t link here and never have.

(Speaking of which, Debbie, if you call yourself a journalist, I wouldn’t be trying to draw so much attention to the fact that I’m only now discovering that Sean Hannity and Ollie North can’t be trusted. I mean, golly, who knew?)

And I realize that it is too much to ask, but I’m going to ask anyway: When do the people who were right and are not crazy get all the MSM jobs, instead of wingnuts like Erick Erickson?

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