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Thursday, April 15, 2010 8:18 pm

Can we consult Isaac Asimov on this?

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Popular Mechanics: 5 Robots We Should Deploy Right Now

As is often the case with PM, the article just sort of glazes over the cost of these devices, particularly the capital needed to ramp up production. But it’s hard to argue with a robotic helicopter that can carry 600 pounds pretty much anywhere — that’s the kind of thing that could keep a lot of people in a lot of isolated/dangerous situations alive long enough for other people to make their situation less isolated/dangerous. And Defense has ordered that a third of all military vehicles be “autonomous” by 2015, which, if we’re still worrying about IEDs in Iraqistan by then, could save a lot of lives.

Still, I can’t help wondering whether we haven’t seen this movie before. And if so, we didn’t like how it turned out.

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