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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:29 pm

Memo to Politico

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I spent a quarter-century fighting government for information at all levels — local, state, federal. And I do, in fact, sympathize with reporters’ concerns about the lack of info coming out of the Obama White House, particularly when that administration is run by a guy who campaigned on transparency and yet is surpassing his predecessor in some forms of secretiveness.

But I also have to say I’d sympathize more if you guys didn’t suck so hard.

The only MSM outlet in Washington I halfway trust is McClatchy. The rest of you are gossipy, whiny, poll-obsessed, policy-ignoring, obsolete-narrative-adhering, self-regarding, mutually-fellating, Establishment-reinforcing, middle-class-ignoring, crime-overlooking  ignorami.

UPDATE: DougJ at Balloon Juice: “I sympathize with reporters on this, but it’s simple: the George W. Bush administration made you their bitch. Now you’re every administration’s bitch.”

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