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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 8:36 pm

Hear, O Israel …

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When Dan Drezner starts dropping f-bombs and comparing you to North Korea, the fact that he’s not entirely serious should be of little comfort at all.

Here’s a puzzler:

Just ponder what we’d be hearing if Iran had raided a humanitarian ship in international waters and killed 15 or so civilians aboard.

And tell me, O Israel, what do you think would have been your reaction if this hypothetical humanitarian ship  attacked by Iran in international waters had been flying an Israeli flag? And Iran had taken all the survivors prisoner and held them incommunicado?

Dude, I love you like a brother, but when you act insane as often as you do, people start to believe after a while that it isn’t an act. Even some of your own get this.

UPDATE: John Cole reads National Review Online so that you don’t have to get contaminated by Teh Stoopid:

One final note on proportionality: Fifteen “peace” activists dead is a tragedy, but they represent only one one-thousandth of the death toll of a French heatwave.

That just begs for a buttslapping, and John delivers:

And the number killed on 9/11 was only .00012% of the death toll of bubonic plague. I guess that makes it ok.

John also asks some good questions, including:

  1. Why is the Israeli government simultaneously reporting that they knew all sorts of terrorists and unseemly types were on the ships but that their troops were unprepared for resistance? And since they have them all in custody, who exactly are the unseemly types?


  1. If Iran was Israel the repubs and teabaggers would be shouting, “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran,” from the rooftops.

    Comment by ngee — Tuesday, June 1, 2010 11:05 pm @ 11:05 pm

  2. And if Iran was Israel, the Israelis would be listening to the Republicans.

    Comment by Lex — Tuesday, June 1, 2010 11:12 pm @ 11:12 pm

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