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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 10:02 pm

Rough justice

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Which Democrats are likeliest to pay a political price in November? Why, the ones who foolishly argued for cutting the deficit rather than creating jobs. Imagine that.

Now, will Republicans who actually created these conditions pay a price? Some won’t because they already did in 2008. But lots of others won’t because voters increasingly believe that the situation Obama inherited on Jan. 20, 2009, was actually his fault. (The fact that things have gotten worse is his fault, but not the situation itself.) And to take revenge on the Democrats they think are to blame, voters are re going to elect Republicans who would’ve done even worse things a few years ago given the chance and who will unquestionably do the kinds of things in the next couple of years that will make Smoot-Hawley look like the CCC.

The sad thing is, the right thing is and always has also been the politically popular thing, and yet the conservaDems choose neither:

15. Which ONE of the following do you think should have the higher priority for policy-makers in Washington RIGHT NOW… ?
37 %Reducing the federal budget deficit (or)
57 %Federal spending to create jobs (or)
6 %  Don’t know

16. Do you think Congress should allow the Bush tax cuts for persons in the top two percent income category to EXPIRE in 2011, or should Congress pass legislation to EXTEND the Bush tax cuts for the top two percent?
52 % Allow Bush tax cuts to expire
38 % Extend Bush tax cuts
10 % Don’t know

Unrelated side question: Can someone explain to me the business case for NYT Co.’s having acquired


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