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Sunday, September 12, 2010 9:08 am

Isn’t it ironic …

… that the Log Cabin Republicans may have done far more than any Democrats to get active-duty military service by openly gay men and lesbians legalized.

Given how consistently, vitriolically opposed to equal protection on the basis of sexual orientation the national and most state Republican parties are, I have always wondered what the point was of the Log Cabin Republicans. Perhaps now we know — and good for them.

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  1. The point of the Log Cabin Republicans is threefold: (1) to get Republicans who are supportive of gay equality elected*, (2) to lobby Republicans in Congress and state legislatures to support equality measures, and (3) to welcome other gays into the Republican Party.

    This has been a better year for getting supportive Republicans through primaries, because the focus has been more on economic issues than social ones, so funding from the anti-gay crowd has been significantly diminished. So in areas where the contest will be between a pro-gay Republican and a pro-gay Democrat, a gay voter doesn’t have that wedge issue pushing him/her toward the Democrat anymore, and they can focus on the other issues important to them.


    * – Yes, there are some, and their number is increasing each year. Although we are still some distance from reaching critical mass, when GWB’s solicitor general Ted Olson fights for and wins in the Prop 8 trial (presided over by Reagan/GHWB appointee Vaughn Walker — who was opposed in his Senate confirmation by Democrats who called him “too conservative”), former RNC chairman Ken Kehlmann comes out and raises money for marriage equality, Nixon appointee Joseph Tauro rules that part of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, and even Dick Cheney supports full marriage equality, I can’t help but think that critical mass will be achieved sooner rather than later.

    Comment by David Henderson — Monday, September 13, 2010 2:34 pm @ 2:34 pm

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