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Tuesday, September 14, 2010 11:34 pm

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1859

DennisG at Balloon Juice surveys tonight’s GOP primary carnage results and writes:

In the 1860 Election the Confederates were against:

  • Education. Ditto 2010
  • Federal Spending for infrastructure. Ditto 2010
  • Help for Free Labor and the working man. Ditto 2010
  • Federal efforts to reign in the oligarchs of the day. Ditto 2010
  • The idea that the Constitution guaranteed “personal Liberty.” Ditto 2010

And then as now the Confederate Party uses the memes, rhetoric, scare tactics and talking points of white supremacy and fear of the ‘others’ to bring the low hanging rubes into their movement.And then as now the only compromise the Confederate Party was/is willing to accept was/is complete and total capitulation to whatever crazy idea was/is freshest in their lizard brains.

The Republican Party is dead.

It is the Confederate Party now, bitches. Get used to it.

It’s an entertaining comparison — a reach, but not as much of one as a lot of Republicans think.

Will tonight’s Tea Party triumphs bring the GOP victory? Well, I don’t do predictions. But the polling suggests that in at least one race, that for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat, a seat that was Republicans’ for the picking is now going to go Democratic in November.

But wait, you say. That’s because Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell is batsh*t insane. And that’s true. She is. Reason magazine’s Mike Moynihan strolls through the bill of particulars:

O’Donnell lied about attending a Master’s degree program at Princeton University; claimed that her political enemies are creeping in the bushes outside her house; is opposed to the sinister habit of masturbation; is a supporter of the “ex-gay” movement, despite the inconvenient revelation that her former staffer Wade Richards “returned” to homosexuality and denounced those peddling “cures” for his sexuality; filed a $6 million lawsuit against the conservative group ISI for “gender discrimination”; was denounced by her former campaign manager as a “fraud” who uses campaign donations to pay rent and utility bills; and has implied that her Republican opponent is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

As the former head of the clumsily named Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth (SALT), O’Donnell was the Tipper Gore of the 1990s, attending lewd and lascivious rock concerts just to tell stoned, Satanist teenagers that they were going to hell. “Walking through the crowd I also noticed more pentagrams than crosses around the teenage necks,” she gasped. At a 1997 music festival in Washington, D.C., the Catholic killjoy “distributed thousands of brochures with information on the failure rate of condoms, on AIDS, on sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, pornography and the movement of former homosexuals.”

But here’s the thing, and despite the best efforts of the MSM, more and more Americans are starting to pick up on this: O’Donnell isn’t an outlier. She’s actually more or less representative of the national GOP today.

And here’s the other thing: In a time of crisis in the arenas of the economy, energy, climate, national security, civil liberties and so many other topics, we may well elect a nontrivial number of the batsh*t insane this fall to do the country’s business for the next two years.

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