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Friday, September 17, 2010 6:52 pm

Simple answers to simple questions, Tea Party GOP Primary Hegemony edition

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Jonathan Martin at Politico extends the microphone to an unnamed, establishment Republican:

That GOP primary voters would go ahead and nominate such a risky candidate [as Christine O’Donnell in Delaware’s U.S. Senate race] has establishment Republicans worrying about who, if anybody, is now in charge of a traditionally top-down party.

If nothing else, the eight primary election defeats suffered by [National Republican Senatorial Committee]-favored candidates this year indicates the lack of a unified command structure within the GOP now. It has, in effect, become an uncontrolled and ungoverned party in which the powers that be in Washington are mere bystanders.

“Where are the adults?” one strategist wondered.

Steve Benen has the answer:

I know this one: they’re gone because you drove them out of the party. The adults were labeled RINO sellouts who compromised instead of fighting. … that’s largely the result of the Republican Party telling its most loyal voters not to care about substance, and to prioritize ideology above all.

Pretty much.

Now, understand, some of these wack jobs are still likely to win in November, so they’ll be inflicting their insanity on all of us. But a GOP takeover of the Senate is looking significantly less likely than before, and the NRSC is going to have to spend serious money in such races as Alaska where it hadn’t figured to need to spend a dime, basically.

And here’s an interesting conundrum for those who win: The Tea Party’s primary campaign plank, such as it is, is the national debt. But giving right-wing Republicans the tax cuts they want would be far more expensive than the total cost of everything Obama has done to date. Will they push for the tax cuts anyway? And if so, will they cut other spending first?

It’ll be interesting to see.

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