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Thursday, November 25, 2010 12:52 am

That sucked. But it could have sucked worse.

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Been quiet around here lately, no?

Long story short: Serious computer problems, initially (and correctly, but incompletely) attributed to a failing video card, finally traced to an OS install grown so ragged that outside of safe mode the thing couldn’t even stay unfrozen more than two minutes.

Days (and nights, several nights) of work compressed into the following: I found freeware that will do a good backup even in Windows safe mode, backed up my data, wiped my drive, did a full reinstall from the original, 6-year-old recovery discs, downloaded two service packs and about 115 other patches, replaced the video card and got a driver upgrade for it.

Now? I’ve got a blinding headache from staring at the monitor while various things downloaded and installed. But I’ve also got a 6-year-old desktop that’s running like … well, not a brand-new Lamborghini, but maybe a gently used Mustang. I’ve got high-def video besides. I just need to copy my data back from the backup hard drive, reinstall a few pieces of freeware and I’m done.

(Yes, yes, I know, Macs don’t have these problems. Hey, if it were up to me, I’d go with Ubuntu. But it ain’t entirely up to me.)

Special shout-outs go to David and DivaGeek for their tech support via phone, e-mail and SMS.

Assuming I get into grad school, I’ll need to buy a new machine next summer anyway. But the key words there are “next summer.” I needed for this one to last until then. Now maybe it will.

For that and health and freedom and employment and all our other blessings, Lord, we give Thee thanks. Amen.

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