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Thursday, January 20, 2011 8:25 pm

WTH, Google Chrome?

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Once again I come in search of wisdom from the Interwebz.

I installed Google Chrome on both my home and work machines some months ago — in addition to Firefox and IE, for work-related reasons I won’t go into here.

For a long time it worked fine. Then, in about the last week, weird stuff started happening. On both machines.

When I opened Chrome and went to the Gmail home page, the type that appears on the left looked fine, but the shaded area with the username and password slots contained two little, tiny slots along with text too tiny to read. If I bumped up the on-screen font size, the type on the left grew as you would expect, but the stuff in the shaded area remained tiny. And when I logged into Gmail, the type around the inbox list appeared normal size (and grew/shrank as usual when I used CTRL + or CTRL -), but the headers in the inbox appeared in indecipherably small type.

I checked the Chrome help pages and FAQs but didn’t find anything that addressed this problem. One page suggested that I go into settings to make some changes, but when I clicked on the wrench, all the windows that popped up, as well as their subwindows were blank. Some (e.g., new tab) worked normally, but others did not.

I tried to install a newer version. The automatic install didn’t work; nothing happened. I manually downloaded the setup file and tried to run it. Nothing happened. I tried to run the uninstall; nothing happened. I finally got Chrome manually uninstalled on one machine, but then couldn’t get it to reinstall either automatically or by downloading and manually running the setup file.

And just to make this really annoying, I apparently am the only person this is happening to because nothing I’ve Googled appears to address this particular problem.

The work machine is XP Pro. The home machine is Media Center Edition, which is XP Pro with some extra multimedia capabilities built in. The problems appear to be identical on both machines.

Ideas, anyone?



  1. Ideas ?

    What’s good enough for HP is good enough for Google Chrome !

    Comment by Fred Gregory — Thursday, January 20, 2011 10:23 pm @ 10:23 pm

  2. No clue, but I run Chrome almost exclusively, and was lucky enough to get one of the Chrome notebooks. I can tell you the first time I installed the program, I quickly uninstalled it because I didn’t understand how to do simple tasks I had been accustomed to in Firefox. After persevering, I can tell you I would never go back. My biggest complaint is Chrome’s spellcheck isn’t as good as the Google tool-bar’s version.

    Stick with it… Chrome rocks!

    Comment by liv — Monday, January 24, 2011 7:12 pm @ 7:12 pm

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