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Wednesday, July 6, 2011 8:51 pm

Third World: You’re soaking in it

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Athenae for the win:

I know people live richly even among the most brutal poverty, here and elsewhere in the world. I know people can tint their car windows and just keep driving, take the freeway past the old neighborhood, never go down “that” street. I know how hard people can pretend that anyone poor, anyone helpless, anyone hurt deserved what they got.

But contact is inevitable, leading to information bleed: Can you really spend your whole life not knowing that the world is burning down? And that you will be a king over ashes? Is there really enough beauty left, in this scenario, for you to surround yourself so thoroughly you never smell the smoke? I live close to the places you’d speed through, I worked in the places you’d avoid, so maybe that’s why I can’t block it out, the knowledge that you can throw a rock and hit a school district where the windows are grated and the doors are chained and the children at the age of nine know it’s pretty much over for them. How do you not know that, though? How do you not see?

And how does it not haunt you, the knowing?

Geez, A., are there not workhouses? Are there not orphanages?


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