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Sunday, September 11, 2011 8:23 am

What we lost

Filed under: Sad — Lex @ 8:23 am

Fortunately, no one personally close to me died on 9/11. I have friends who were not so fortunate.

I plan to spend today doing homework, reflecting quietly and, if I’m lucky, watching the Panthers lose to Arizona. I have had no time to reflect on 9/11 up ’til now, and although I am oddly eager to read some 9/11 retrospectives, homework comes first.

So don’t look for anything new from me on this today. Some stuff  I’ve said about it in the past holds up pretty well, particularly this and some of this. If you want to skip the media orgy entirely but not ignore the occasion, then I cannot recommend highly enough Sarah Bunting’s “For thou art with us,”  an elegiac first-person account written just days after the attacks by a New Yorker who was in lower Manhattan that morning.

UPDATE: If you run across anything you think is really worthwhile, leave a link in the comments. Thanks.


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