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Thursday, December 1, 2011 11:20 pm

Yeah, I’ll go there: If the jackboot fits, supporters of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker can damned well wear it.

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The New Brownshirts:

This was posted before I knew about the case of Andy Stephenson, a voting rights activist who died in 2005. His access to medical care was likely impeded by a Free Republic campaign that claimed Stephenson was faking his illness. It went on right up to the day pancreatic cancer killed him. Even with the Stephenson case in mind, however, those freepers seem downright tame compared to the unprincipled slobberers running those pro-Walker Facebook pages and threatening, harassing, and intimidating with apparent impunity.

It’s well past the time to discard the blasé, eye-rolling dismissal, “Oh, it’s just the Internet,” when people like Mary find themselves targeted in this manner. It’s time to stop giving the trolls that run pages like “Operation Burn Notice” carte blanche to wreck lives and frighten others into silence. If this campaign of harassment results in someone actually getting hurt or even killed, the people behind it won’t back down. I doubt they’ll even express regret.

Because sadly, there are people in this world who only grasp the concept of right and wrong on the basis of whether or not their friends and associates approve. Their actions are not grounded in empathy or a sense of ethics, but on whether or not they can get away with something. A person they dislike, someone like “Mary” being physically injured in the offline world as a result of their posts won’t faze them one bit.

Quite the contrary. Safe behind their wall of anonymity, where they can count on approval rather than rejection for their conduct, they’ll cheer and give each other high-fives.

The only language that bullies understand is violence. Perhaps the violence of hard time in prison will get a message through to them: America is no place for thugs.


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