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Thursday, February 2, 2012 10:03 pm

Komen: hubris or stupidity?

You don’t have to pick just one.

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Let’s be very clear. This wasn’t just a PR mistake. This was a fundamentally disastrous error in judgment of the type an organization and its brand ought not to survive.

Komen hired a stupid, vicious person who led them to do a stupid, vicious thing, and now their head is doubling down, lying publicly and shamelessly about the reasons. (And if you doubt they’re lying, let’s just see if they take back the $7.5 million they gave Penn State.)

Stupid because it was absolutely predictable that many women who identified with the group’s ostensible aims would be outraged by the action and see through the rationalization.

Vicious because unless Planned Parenthood can make up the money Komen is withholding, a nontrivial number of American women will die of breast cancer, a disease in which early detection is key to survival, because they can’t afford to be screened or get mammograms anywhere else.

The bigger picture here is that the American Right simply does not care about women, and in many cases is actively hostile to them. When Rick Santorum argues that most forms of birth control should be illegal because sex is only for procreation, when Komen cuts off money for breast-cancer detection, then the issue  has gone way past abortion and into an area even more indecent and un-American.

These people need to be called out. They need to be shunned. And they need to be kept away from the levers of power, if not institutionalized as dangers, perhaps to themselves and unquestionably to others.


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  1. Amen.

    Comment by Sue — Friday, February 3, 2012 6:38 am @ 6:38 am

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