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Saturday, April 7, 2012 12:46 pm

Strip-searching, forced nudity and fascism

Filed under: Evil,I want my country back. — Lex @ 12:46 pm

Last Monday’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality strip-searching anyone who is ever brought to jail for whatever reason isn’t just disturbing in and of itself — a guy was strip-searched who had done nothing wrong, because “outstanding” warrants for his arrest actually had been dropped years before.

No, it is disturbing because authoritarian states, and states that are becoming authoritarian, have a long history of using forced nudity and sexual humiliation to quell resistance and dissent, to engender fear and submission on the part of the populace. I frequently disagree with Naomi Wolfe, but she gets this point dead right.

Remember this?


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