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Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:56 pm

Quotes of the Day, Charlie Pierce’s Comments Section edition

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“Too many in this country would rather be [raped] by business than helped by government.” — Barry Friedman

“Those of us who drive on our nation’s roads are well aware that most of us are idiots at best, and greedy, selfish, homicidal morons at worst. At least once a month I now get to see an ambulance (and once a fire engine!) with lights and siren on, have to fight its way through an intersection because cross traffic simply refuses to stop. Stuff as simple as driving depends almost entirely on self-policing, but for too many of us, “self-policing” is what suckers do. There’s a good reason why the modern GOP still commands such a strong following — most of us are scum.” — John Robinson (not this one)

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