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Saturday, November 10, 2012 1:33 pm

The utter failure* of Occupy Wall Street

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*If, by “failure,” you mean the complete conversion of our national dialogue.

Charlie Pierce, FTW:

Occupy changed the national dialogue. Willard Romney’s surreptitiously taped comments about “the 47 percent” would not have had the resonance they did had the Occupy movement not gotten the country talking about the 99 percent and the one percent. It created a new rhetorical paradigm that simply would not have been there had it not been originally shouted at the correct buildings. And it was that new paradigm that triumphed Tuesday night.

In Massachusetts, Scott Brown thought highlighting Elizabeth Warren’s links to Occupy was a kill shot. Scott Brown is now a lame duck. In Wisconsin, the movement that arose against Governor Scott Walker’s union-bashing, which was no more distant than a first-cousin to Occupy, undoubtedly was the ongoing energy behind the candidacy of Tammy Baldwin who, among her other progressive bona fides, voted against the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, the Clinton-era blunder that made the whole Wall Street crisis inevitable. Tammy Baldwin is now a senator-elect. In Ohio, the movement that arose against local union-bashing — and that was no more distant than a first-cousin to Occupy, and which was fueled by a revival of trade-union power that was fired by the success of the auto bailout — undoubtedly was pivotal not only to re-electing Sherrod Brown to the Senate, but also to delivering Ohio into the president’s column. Occupy completely routed, at all levels of the national campaign, the economic balderdash spouted by the Tea Party and its billionaire sugar daddies. For a movement that allegedly had “no concrete goals,” those are some pretty concrete results right there.



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