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Thursday, January 17, 2013 9:00 pm

Love women? Then make sure the law protects them.

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But don’t take my word for it. Take my mom’s (from her Facebook page):

We’ve come a long way, baby… or have we?

Last night Jerry Hancock [my stepdad — Lex] and I watched the movie based on Rogers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. Jerry had never seen it and I hadn’t seen it since it came out in 1956. the show has some of the most beautiful music ever written for Broadway.

But when we got to the final scene — which is supposed to be sad and touching and romantic — we nearly jumped out of our chairs. Julie, the heroine, who had been beaten and emotionally abused and abandoned by her deadbeat husband whom she still loves desperately, says dreamily to her 15-year-old daughter, who has just been slapped by this same jerk: “Sometimes you can be hit by someone and never even feel the pain.” OMG. The thing is, when I saw this in 1956, I — like millions of other women at that time — thought the scene was beautiful, poignant, and romantic. But about 25 years after that, I was hit by the person I loved most in the world, and that changed me forever. Let me be clear: You DO feel the pain. Last night I wanted to throw a brick at the TV. 

I used to love the old torch songs — you know, Edith Piaf, Billie Holliday, etc. — singing about the man I love who beat me and left me… I even sang some of them myself in shows: “My Man,”  “St. Louis Blues” … But now when I hear them I hear dangerous co-dependency and criminal domestic violence.

The reason this is important to all of you out there in FB land is that your Congresscritters have failed to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act, even though: “From its passage in 1994 through 2010, the act helped cut the rate of domestic violence nationwide by 67 percent. It also helped establish a National Domestic Violence hotline, which until last week was responding to over 22,000 calls per month. The act also mandated that victims, no matter their income levels, would not be forced to bear the expense of their own rape exams; strengthened federal penalties for repeat sex offenders; helped communities develop dedicated law enforcement and prosecution units for domestic violence; and helped train more than 500,000 police officers, prosecutors, attorneys and judges each year in domestic violence law and counseling.”

Why in heaven’s name, you might ask, would Republicans in the House not want to support legislation that clearly does so much good? Well, here’s why:

“Although the Senate passed a bipartisan version in 2012, it included language for protection of same-sex partners, immigrants regardless of their status, and Native Americans. Some Republicans in the House objected to the new language, preferring to limit protections to only certain groups of women. In short, Congress seeks to establish a means test to receive treatment for rape.”

So, Julie, I’m telling my 7 granddaughters to “hit” the Congresscritters who chose not to re-authorize this bill by calling them to account and booting them out of office. Let’s see if they feel that pain.


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