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Monday, September 9, 2013 7:21 pm

In which Betty Cracker whips Glenn Reynolds like a rented mule in front of God and the whole Internetz


Say what you will about George W. Bush’s diplomacy, but he nurtured relationships with our most important allies — like Britain — and managed to put together a huge multinational coalition for his own foray against an Arab dictator suspected of having chemical weapons. Obama’s diplomatic efforts — championed by Hillary Clinton and, now, John Kerry — are looking more and more inept by comparison: So far, our only ally in the proposed Syria venture is France, maybe.


I can say what I will about George W. Bush’s diplomacy? Good, here goes: He lied us into a ruinous, catastrophic war that killed tens of thousands of people, bankrupted America while enriching his cronies, burned our allies and tanked our global prestige so badly that it’s nothing short of a [expletive] miracle that any subsequent American president, including Barack Obama, could get the French on board for a resolution to discourage tourists at the Louvre from defacing the Mona Lisa with a Sharpie.


But that’s what happens when your diplomacy is a failure.


No, that’s what happens when the president’s immediate predecessor was an unindicted, unconvicted [expletive] war criminal, Glenn. It means we can’t have nice things, like broad international coalitions and federal budget surpluses.

Game, set, match and tournament to Ms. Cracker. Someone please pick up the mic Ms. Cracker dropped, and can we get a doctor to grab the remove the tennis racket from Professor Reynolds? Because I don’t think God intended for him to be holding it that way.



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