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Blog on the Run was begun in April 2002 and published almost 3,000 posts before being “Reloaded” in February 2006 — a short hiatus, followed by less of a focus on politics and, time permitting, more of a focus on experiments in still photography, audio, video and/or Flash. At least that was the plan. It hasn’t worked out that way; we’re still overwhelmingly text here. But a blogger can dream.

The blog moved to WordPress in June 2006 because Blogger wasn’t reliable and host storage capacity was becoming a concern. Older archives are gradually returning now that hosting capacity is no longer an issue. (“Gradually” because Blogger and WordPress wouldn’t talk to each other for some reason, so I’m having to copy and paste, one entry at a time.) All available older posts have been reposted. I had to go to for some, and it didn’t have every last post.

Vigorous comment discussion is welcome. Documentation of factual assertions is strongly encouraged. Personal insults, directed at me or at other commenters, will get you banned so fast you’ll hear a sonic boom.

UPDATE: Mental children have the whole entire Intertubez to play around on. Blog on the Run is for the grownups. If you’re going to try to peddle your creationism, 9/11 Trutherism or other crackpot notions here, you and they will be swiftly shown the door.

UPDATE: “You should blog about X.” Uh, no.

Allow me to elaborate.

This blog is a hobby. I do it for me, period. If you like something you read here, great. If you’re moved to comment, even better. But I do this for me alone. Accordingly, I’m under no obligation to blog about X, or anything else. I might be flattered that you value my opinion on X, but that feeling does not engender in me any sense of obligation.

Moreover, I’m no longer a journalist. Accordingly, I don’t have a beat, nor do I have any sort of professional or personal obligation to follow any particular subject (even though you can see that I sometimes do). In addition, as the name implies, this hobby has always been squeezed in around my real-life obligations, which are numerous. I couldn’t consistently cover even one subject if I wanted to. I’ve got a “Blog This” bookmark folder that has hundreds of entries in it, most of which I will never get around to blogging about.

So is there any rhyme or reason to what I blog about? Nope. I read lots of stuff most days that I could blog about, and what I choose to blog about depends as much on my current mood as anything else. Choosing to blog about something is largely impulse, channeled only to a certain extent by topic interests and rational self-interests. And I don’t blog about work, except occasionally I do.

If you think there’s something I’d be interested in blogging about, feel free to shoot me a link. But phrase your email so as to refrain from implying any sense of obligation on my part. Saying, for example, “It would be cool if you blogged about X” is much more likely to work than telling me I “should” blog about X, because the latter is likely to roust that part of my lizard brain whose knee-jerk response is, “[Expletive] you and [expletive] X; I don’t have to do [expletive]!” And my non-lizard brain frequently has too much else to do but concur.

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