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Yes, my wife took this.I’m Lex Alexander, a husband, father, blogger, tweeter, ex-musician, ex-DJ and recovering journalist now working in Greensboro, N.C., for a boutique management-consulting firm. All opinions here are my own.

I was born and grew up in Charlotte and have an English degree from Davidson College. I also was in the first cohort of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Master of Arts in Technology and Communication program and finished that degree in December 2013. I’ve blogged off and on since 1997. I started Blog on the Run in April 2002 and refocused it and renamed it as Blog on the Run: Reloaded in February 2006.

I worked for almost 22 years as a writer, editor, recruiter, trainer, Web jockey and social-media maven for the News & Record in Greensboro before taking a buyout in early 2009. I’ve lived and worked in Greensboro since 1987.  I’ve freelanced for several national magazines. I also edited the book Black Box Voting: Ballot-tampering in the 21st Century, by Bev Harris and my good friend David Allen.

I’m a lifelong Presbyterian, come from two long lines of Scottish-Irish Presbyterians and am the nephew and grand-nephew of ministers. Growing up in Charlotte, I had Jim Bakker’s PTL television ministry almost literally in my back yard for years. Not entirely coincidentally, I covered PTL’s collapse and the subsequent legal proceedings for the N&R from 1987 to 1990. I also covered religion for the N&R from 1995 to 1998, during which time I won a national award from the Religion Communications Association and was a finalist for a national award from the Religion Newswriters Association. I’m pretty good at picking out religious charlatans and I show them no mercy. If you don’t like that — and a lot of commenters don’t — well, come to Jesus, heathens.

Both lines of my family settled in North America before the Revolution, which I mention as fact, not merit. I trace my father’s line to a guy who migrated from Ulster to Pennsylvania before settling in upstate South Carolina in the early 1770s. Along with a passel of his sons and sons-in-law — his own platoon, basically — he fought in the Revolution at Cowpens, Kings Mountain and, finally, Yorktown. (I believe I am the first first-born son in that line not to have served in the military. My father, who was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in Korea, talked me out of it.) Some of those guys from whom I am directly descended had some brass, too. I trace my mother’s line to a then-recently-retired gentleman of fortune (read: pirate) who settled in Charleston in 1719. The men who don’t go into the ministry have tended to be (legitimate) businessmen. So far as I know, no one else in the line has been a pirate, although my son once said he’d like to be. That or a mummy. Whichever.

I have been living online for three decades under this name. You can find traces of me in CompuServe’s JFORUM if you look back far enough, I led the team that created one of the first two dozen or so newspaper Web sites in America, and I’m a veteran of the Usenet wars of the ’90s. Briefly, I was Kind of a Big Deal in the Web 2.0/citizen-journalism thing. Currently, in addition to this blog, you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Note to Googlers: I am, so far as I know, unrelated to the Lex Alexander of health-food and restaurant fame, who also lives here in North Carolina, although we appear to know some of the same people.

E-mail welcome at lex dot alexander at gmail dot com.

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