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Saturday, January 31, 2015 9:43 am

Odds and ends for Jan. 31

Every decent parent loves his kids. But even the best parent has days when he doesn’t much like his kids. So it is, this non-Catholic thinks, with Pope Francis and the Curia members who answer to him.

Late-night TV hosts mourn that Mitt Romney won’t be running for president again. Still a lot of clowns in that GOP car, though.

One of those clowns is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Last time around, Jindal tried to market himself for president as an unthreatening technocrat and an immigrant son of the American Dream. It didn’t work, but at least it was well-intentioned and, I think, had some appeal across party lines. This time around, though, he has gone full-metal Pat Buchanan and pulled the immigrant ladder up after himself. I’m not sorry to delight in the fact that that won’t end well for him.

You Can’t Make This Up Dept.: The House Rules Committee is having a hearing on repealing Obamacare. On Groundhog Day.

told you people on Twitter that using the hashtag #Blizzardof2015 like there would only be one was hubris. And now the impending new winter storms in New England have reduced the National Weather Service to transmitting random Whitesnake lyrics instead of forecasts.

Speaking of Twitter, for sheer joy, follow the hashtag #ThingsBetterThanScarborough. MSNBC put Joe Scarborough on in prime time last night in place of Rachel Maddow, and her regular audience was not amused. My favorite contribution to the stream was, “live interns.”

Most Facebook tiffs are just that, but this one, in which I participate with my usual (ahem) charm, is a bit more noteworthy, in that N.C. Rep. John Blust makes it clear herein that he thinks the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, to which he swore oaths of loyalty as an Army officer and a legislator, is a bunch of hooey. When I first met Blust in 1998, I found him to be a likable, if painfully naive, politician. Now he’s just trolling us.

What in the pluperfect hell was this Seattle cop thinking?

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy has had it with you wackaloon conspiracy theorists. SCIENCE, bitchez!

My Tar Heels and Wildcats both have big games today, and I’ll likely miss both for working. So it goes.


Friday, February 12, 2010 9:30 pm

Snowpocalyzzard!; or, Snow on the ground/Snow on the ground/Lookin’ like a fool with your/Snow on the ground

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Someone set up a Nikon still camera to shoot a new frame every 5 minutes for 27 hours. The result is a 27-second time-lapse video of this week’s 27-hour blizzard in D.C. Pretty cool.

Meanwhile, my friend and former N&R colleague John Cochran, now with CQ in Washington, was featured all over the country after a shooter from the Syracuse Post-Standard caught him shoveling snow … off the roof of his front porch. If you look closely, you can see his son and daughter locking the windows behind him so they can watch TV in peace. (OK, I just made up that last part.)

And everyone’s a critic: The Awl, in effect, says to John, “Ur not doin’ it rite, n00b. PWN3D!”

We’re supposed to get more snow tonight. Hooper’s Pinewood Derby race is tomorrow, but worst case, we can walk there.

And, finally, apparently there’s a chance that we may wake up tomorrow with snow on the ground somewhere in all 50 states at once. (Yes, even Hawaii; some of the volcano peaks top 12,000 feet.) Wonder when the last time was that that happened.

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