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Friday, February 26, 2010 6:31 pm

I have seen many bad comment systems over the years …

… yes, I have, but the Charlottesville Daily Progress Web site’s commenting system is the worst I have seen since the early days of the Web.

If you read an article and want to comment on it, you have to log in, which is fine. But when you do, it takes you back to the home page and only then, and only sometimes, to the original article. Sometimes, you have to log in twice.

When you click on “comment,” a different window opens with no place to leave a URL, not even an excerpt of the article text and no other comments. If you somehow manage to do something in a comment that violates their terms and conditions (using the word “hell,” for example), it just tells you you violated them but doesn’t tell you what exactly you did so you have to guess at what to fix. And it doesn’t allow any HTML. And in my experience, your comments can take more than a half-hour to appear, although the site doesn’t indicate that comments are moderated.

Epic Comment Fail.

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