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Friday, December 17, 2010 8:37 pm

Blog OS weirdness; or, Dude, where’s my Twitter link?

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John Cole at Balloon Juice has a special tag, FYWP — if you know what that means and I think ¬†you do — for problems caused at that blog by the WordPress blogging system, which is the same one I use. Now, Balloon Juice’s traffic is orders of magnitude higher than mine, so I would not be surprised if that traffic creates occasional problems, some bordering on existential.

I switched from Blogger to WP several years ago because Blogger had been having what I thought were way too many outages, even for a free service. There was one significant tradeoff: the ability, at no charge, to change the RSS in your blog. The payoff was far more reliable service — I think this was back in the days before Google had bought Blogger.

All of which is just me indulging a bit in what’s left of my memory and has nothing to do with my main point, which is: When you call up a post on this blog as its own page (if you’ve never done that, you do it by clicking on the title of a post), you see a bunch of “sharing” widgets at the bottom that allow you to do such things as tweet about the post, post it to your Facebook account, e-mail the link to someone and so forth. For the past couple of days, the Twitter widget has been disappearing and reappearing without obvious explanation. Any other WordPress users know what’s up with that?


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