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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 7:48 pm

A new threat to traditional marriage

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A guy figured out how to synthesize gemstone-quality diamonds … in his garage. Now his son is running a company that’s going to market them. How good are they? Let’s go to the videotape (well, text):

Seeking an unbiased assessment of the quality of these laboratory diamonds, I asked Bryant Linares to let me borrow an Apollo stone. The next day, I place the .38 carat, princess-cut stone in front of Virgil Ghita in Ghita’s narrow jewelry store in downtown Boston. With a pair of tweezers, he brings the diamond up to his right eye and studies it with a jeweler’s loupe, slowly turning the gem in the mote-filled afternoon sun. “Nice stone, excellent color. I don’t see any imperfections,” he says. “Where did you get it?”

“It was grown in a lab about 20 miles from here,” I reply.

He lowers the loupe and looks at me for a moment. Then he studies the stone again, pursing his brow. He sighs. “There’s no way to tell that it’s lab-created.”

In the comments to the article, there’s a reference to a science-fiction novel by Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age, that supposedly (I have not read it) anticipates a similar development and goes into some of the practical and social ramifications.

So: Still the hardest substance, but no longer so hard to get. Wonder who a girl’s new best friend will be.

(h/t: Jude at First Draft)


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