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Tuesday, March 2, 2010 11:53 pm

Snake and dinosaur, interrupted

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Because we here at Blog on the Run are nothing if not All About the Reptiles, here’s a story from NPR about an 11-foot, 67-million-year-old snake and a newly hatched dinosaur, both fossilized just as the former was about to eat the latter:

“The sauropods, these big dinosaurs, would come in, they would use their hind limb and probably kick out a small depression,” [University of Michigan professor Jeffrey] Wilson says. “They would squat down they would lay a clutch of six to twelve eggs, they would cover it up with a little layer of sediment and maybe some vegetation and then they would leave it.”

And the snakes knew that.

How’s that for an ominous 5-word paragraph? Well done, Christopher Joyce!

“It’s ‘Anaconda meets Jurassic Park,’ ” says Jason Head, a paleontologist at the University of Toronto who worked with Wilson’s team. “These sauropods would lay these huge fields of eggs that we find in India, just kind of kilometers of dinosaur eggshell, and so with these hatchling dinosaurs it must have just been a smorgasbord where a whole ecosystem of predators could basically come in and feed on them.”

In this case, a sudden avalanche of sand or mud must have intervened and buried both prey and predator like the human life scenes entombed by the eruption of Pompeii.

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