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Monday, June 2, 2014 6:18 pm

Fred Gregory, great American, receives N.C.’s Order of the Long-Leaf Pine

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For the dozen years that I’ve been running this joint, Fred Gregory has been so much a part of it that despite our frequent disagreements we have been the (dys)functional equivalent of co-hosts. In real life, we met in the late 1980s when I was a cops reporter for the News & Record and he was a Drug Enforcement Administration agent. We’ve been friends since and spent 11 of those years as neighbors besides, and my daughter and his granddaughter became great friends.

The sneaky SOB didn’t tell me this in advance, but this morning he was honored with the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, one of North Carolina’s highest civilian honors, for his career service with the DEA, the Drug Tax Division of the N.C. Department of Revenue, and as a magistrate in the 18th Judicial District here in Guilford County. I congratulate him, and so should you.


Thursday, April 26, 2012 5:37 am

A decade of candles and fireworks

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Ten years ago today, Blog on the Run was born. You don’t know, and probably don’t care, why. That’s cool.

To mark the occasion, I’ve created a Greatest Hits page, stuff that I think has held up well and/or that I’m particularly proud of. It’s a short list, although I might add to it at some point.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and contributed to the conversation over the years, but most especially to my friend Fred Gregory, who has been practically a co-host. He and I see eye to eye politically on practically nothing, but in our respective ways we each honor God, country and family, and we honor that honor in one another.

Kind of like these guys …

… although which of us is which depends on the subject, the time of day and how much we’ve each had to drink.

Here’s to another 10 … and, in the wake of a grim decade for our country, to better days for all of us.

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