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Tuesday, July 16, 2013 7:26 pm

Is race a factor in stand-your-ground laws?

You tell me:


(Read the article, too.)


Friday, June 21, 2013 6:53 pm

The George Zimmerman pool

I wish I were more optimistic than John Cole about the likeliest outcome of George Zimmerman’s trial, but I’m not:

He’ll get acquitted, there will be civil unrest, the usual suspects will show up and there will be marches and counter-marches, and then, of course, because he is black and supposed to heal several centuries of racial wounds, our failed media experiment will demand that Obama make peace for America and “seriously” address racial issues.

Side note- Because I want to save you all some time, I will seriously address racial issues in America right now. There are a lot of racist motherf—–s who think there is no problem killing a black kid with an ice tea and Skittles because he was walking while black in a gated community. There. That’s the f—ing truth, and sadly, it ends there.

So John is opening up a betting pool:

Who will be the media [jerks] demanding Obama get involved in this (because, you know, he is black). Or who will say his was a failed Presidency because there are still racist peckerneck douchebags still running around half the country? Maureen Dowd? The Politico? Tapper? Harwood? Cilizza? Noonan? Fournier? Red State? National Review?

Place your bets in the comments at the link above. Winner gets a … well, I don’t know what the winner gets, other than a rep for having depressingly accurate insight into our 21st-century media.

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