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Sunday, February 7, 2010 2:37 pm

Odds and ends for 2/7

First things first: The Super Bowl: I grew up a Baltimore Colts fan and, in particular, a Johnny Unitas fan. The Saints weren’t even on my radar until the Panthers came into the league and the Saints became one of their divisional rivals. But Johnny U. died a long time ago, the Colts left Baltimore even longer ago than that, and the Colts have a Super Bowl win in their recent past while the Saints have never been until now. Add to that the question of who needs this win worse: Indianapolis, home to some of the worst elements of Big PhrMA that are robbing the country blind, or Nawlins, which the country pretty much allowed to drown and then abandoned after Hurricane Katrina? Go, Saints.

Fox News to the contrary, there’s nothing “new” about the teabagger movement: It is straight-down-the-line GOP, right down to requiring candidates to support the Republican National Committee’s platform. (Interestingly, the party hasn’t got its platform posted at the moment, allowing a much vaguer, less offensive “what we believe” page to suffice.) If people want to support the Republican Party, more power to ’em, but no one should join the Tea Party movement under the mistaken impression that it’s going to lead to reform. It will lead, instead, to more of the same stuff that got us into all this trouble in the first place.

Slapfight! Alien v. Predator! Teh Crazee v. Teh Stoopid! Or, you know,  Joe Farah v. Andrew Breitbart. This is one where you not only don’t want anyone to win, you want them both to leave the game with season-ending injuries.

He said it, I didn’t: The American Enterprise Institute’s Gerard Alexander is on to those of us who happen to think Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a Very Bad Thing: “It follows that the thinkers, politicians and citizens who advance conservative ideas must be dupes, quacks or hired guns selling stories they know to be a sham.” Well, let’s see: Supply-side economics? Sham. Global-warming denialism? Sham. Bankster bailouts? Sham. Post-9/11 air quality in lower Manhattan? Sham. Creationism? Sham. WMDs in Iraq? Sham. I could go on, but these items are only supposed to be a few lines long. Just sayin’.

And because the last thing you want is a poisonous snake in the midst of a nicotine fit, Po the viper gets his daily smokes:

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