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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 8:00 pm

To the last drop

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The Brewery, a Raleigh nightspot that was a minor but significant part of my misspent youth, was demolished Tuesday. Tony and I once saw X perform there, and I got to interview the band for a radio station.

Raleigh News & Observer video here.

Speaking of demolition, former colleague Steve Allen reports on Facebook that as a result of consolidation of the Raleigh and Charlotte papers’ design desks by corporate parent McClatchy, the new “lead sports designer” for the Raleigh paper, the primary sports-news outlet in one of the nation’s hottest college sports markets (the¬†hottest during basketball season), has a grand total of 61 days — days — of experience. I’m sure he/she is a very nice person. I’m equally sure that anyone that inexperienced who was really all that would’ve landed somewhere other than Raleigh.


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