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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 7:30 pm

Odds and ends for April 14

We have seen our enemies, and they are weak. Seriously. Relative to us, weak on a world-historical scale.

In Idaho, the batshittery of the right-wing nut jobs carries an eight-digit price tag.

New Mexico has become the second state to ban the civil forfeiture of innocent people’s property. This needs to happen nationwide.

When cops misbehave, body cams are not, by themselves, helpful. The video must be publicly available. D.C. appears headed in the opposite direction. (That issue is still up in the air here in Greensboro.)

Speaking of misbehaving cops, The Baltimorie Sun proves that there are still a few reporters out there kicking ass and taking names.

Researchers have found patterns in then-President Ronald Reagan’s speech that indicated Alzheimer’s disease years before Reagan received his diagnosis in 1994. I mention this not to take a dig at Reagan but to point out that this approach may be a way to diagnose Alzheimer’s in people sooner than has been possible up ’til now.

My friend Louis Bekoe is running for president, and I’ve got to say that right now he’s the best choice out there.

Speaking of running for president, supposed contender Chris Christie apparently will be campaigning on a platform to cut Social Security and Medicare. Unlike Bush 43, at least he’s being upfront about it.

And candidate Rand Paul‘s wife insists that he doesn’t have a problem with women because he has worked with female surgeons. OK, then, if she says so.

Non-local folks, this is particularly for you: The National Folk Festival will be here in Greensboro this year and for the next two years as well. Here’s info. This is a big deal.

Damn. Percy Sledge is dead at 73.


Monday, August 2, 2010 8:06 pm

Coming soon, I hope, to a theater near me

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My friend Louis Bekoe, who lost his job last year during layoffs at the News & Record, has been working on an alternative career as a filmmaker (he also got a new day job). His kind of movie is, basically, point a camera at some friends doing weird/wild things and see what happens. OK, it’s actually more complicated than that, but that’s how he describes it.

Anyway, I enjoyed “Balls Count Anywhere” during its run last spring at the Carousel Grande, and now he’s in post-production on his next work, titled “Who Needs Enemies?” Apparently the new film contains most of the beer-drinking that made “Balls Count Anywhere” so enjoyable and adds the all-important element of GIRL FIGHT!!111!1!1

I can’t wait.


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