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Monday, August 18, 2008 7:53 pm

Well, THAT sucked, too.

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We’ve got the house almost back to normal now. What about the house, you ask, was abnormal? Why, I’m ever so glad you asked.

Weeks ago — I can’t even remember when now and I don’t want to go digging around in the files to find the receipt — the air-conditioning guy came out to the house to give our two units their annual servicing. Somehow, in so doing, he managed to break the line that carries condensation — that’d be water — from the unit in the attic down to the outside. That water instead flowed down the inside of one of our walls for about five days, until one night I happened to look up near the stairwell ceiling and noticed a pancake-sized blister in the wall paint.

Fearing the worst, I went downstairs and looked in the closet underneath the stairs to see if I could find any sign of water. I didn’t find anything damp, but I did find a fair bit of mold that I knew hadn’t been there before. Certain members of my household are allergic to mold. Like all but one of us.

It was another two days before the A/C people could get someone else back out to the house, which annoyed me no end. But I’ll give them props for this: They didn’t for one second try to claim it wasn’t their fault. And the manager swore up and down they’d get it all made right.

He just didn’t say how long it would take.

Part of the problem was that until the mold remediation people started ripping wall down, they had no idea just how bad the problem was. We lost the entire stairwell wall, one full wall and parts of two others in the laundry room, which adjoins the stairwell, part of the laundry-room ceiling and the bottom three steps on the stairwell.

Oh, and the floor and first level of subflooring in the laundry room. Our washer and dryer ended up in the living room for quite a while.

The mold remediation kept us from being able to get upstairs for several days. We had a beach vacation coming up, so we packed for the beach the night before the mold guys got there, figuring
we might not get another chance. We were wise to do so.

No work got done while we were at the beach, obviously, and no work got done for the first week after we got back (although we could go upstairs again). Once the restoration work began, it took seven full working days. They finished this past Monday. We spent most of yesterday and today cleaning up the fine film of dust that drywall work always leaves elsewhere in the house no matter how carefully you hang your plastic sheets. Fun.

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