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Monday, December 12, 2011 8:35 pm

Best. Troll. Repellent. EVAR.

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Ken at Popehat responds to groundless legal threats by “Marc Stephens,” who apparently is posing as a lawyer. Just for the record, making legal threats against someone who has spent five years as a federal prosecutor and another dozen as a federal criminal defense attorney is an even stupider gambit than threatening a libel suit against someone who has been committing investigative journalism for a quarter-century. Which is saying something:

Marc, kindly take this post — the link to which I will email to you — as a formal, legally binding, 100% certified style invitation to snort my taint.

Commenter “bill quoted” speaks for all of us, I think, when he repurposes this snippet from “Bull Durham”:

Stephens: I want to bring the heater. Announce my presence with authority.

everyone: To announce your what?

Stephens: My presence with authority.

everyone: To announce your presence with authority?! This guy’s a first ball fastball hitter, he’s looking for the heat.

Stephens: So what? He ain’t seen my heat.

everyone: All right, Meat. Give him your heat.

[Stephens throws it and Ken hits a home run.]

everyone: Well, Ken really hit the [expletive] out of that one, didn’t he?




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