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Monday, June 15, 2009 8:23 pm

An apology from Ed Whelan

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National Review blogger Ed Whelan, who outed the Obsidian Wings blogger heretofore known pseudonymously as Publius, has apologized for doing so, and Publius has accepted the apology.

The merits of pseudonymous blogging are a legitimate question. I happen to think that discussion of issues frequently is enriched by pseudonymous contributors; certainly the blogosphere would be a poorer place without them. And having put my name on my words in front of the public professionally for a quarter-century, and for more than a decade on my own time on the Intertubez, I understand and appreciate the value of putting one’s real name behind one’s arguments.

But outing a pseudonymous blogger/commenter without his/her permission, while not breaking any law, is in general an incredibly rude, discourteous and immature thing to do, IMHO. You can never know for sure what a person’s motives are for blogging under a pseudonym, and you can’t know in advance whether you might cause real-life harm to the blogger — or, worse, a blogger’s relative or employer who had nothing to do with the whole thing — by outing him/her.

That said, Publius and Whelan are moving on, so I am, too.

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