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Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:30 pm

Computers are great … when they work

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I have been struggling off and on for four months to find the source of a significant discrepancy in my bank account. Today, I found the source — actually, sources, plural, for there were two.

The first was that one transaction on my checking account with Very Large, Technically Insolvent National Bank inexplicably had failed to download. Seven or eight other transactions that took place the same day — to get technical, they all took place the same day and were all posted the next business day — downloaded with no problem.

The second was that an entirely unrelated transaction somehow failed to enter itself into the ledger when I hit the “Reconcile” function on Quicken. Not sure why; again, several other transactions taking place the same day that didn’t appear substantially different entered themselves just fine.

The solution in the first case was to manually enter into Quicken the transaction that, for whatever reason, had failed to download during an online banking session. The solution in the second case was to delete the existing transaction from Quicken, then manually re-enter the identical information.

Identifying and eliminating these problems took almost exactly twice as long as doing my federal and state taxes. And I got zero bills paid, so I’ve got to do that tomorrow AND laundry AND mow the lawn.

But on my way home from errand-running tonight, I bought a six-pack of Natty Green’s Buckshot Amber ale and a big bag of M&Ms. So I’m not feeling as bad about it as I was a couple of hours ago.

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