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Friday, March 19, 2010 8:56 pm

Affirmative action for morons

For decades, a prefrontal lobotomy has been a prerequisite for landing a Wall Street Journal op-ed page gig. The New York Times, in an admirable effort to join the Journal in including stupid people in the national conversation, has added Ross Douthat to its op-ed stable:

Our nation might be less divided, and our debates less poisonous, if more artists were capable of showing us the ironies, ambiguities and tragedies inherent in our politics — rather than comforting us with portraits of a world divided cleanly into good and evil.

The thug and pro-logic bigot Daniel Larison ripostes:

Yes, the problem might be that we do not have artists capable of rendering contemporary architects of a war of aggression that was based on shoddy intelligence, ideological fervor and deceit in a sufficiently subtle, even-handed manner. If only Hollywood were better at portraying the depth and complexity of people who unleashed hell on a nation of 24 million people out of an absurd fear of a non-existent threat! Life is so unfair to warmongers, is it not? Then again, the reason our debates are so poisonous and our nation so divided might have something to do with the existence of utterly unaccountable members of the political class that can launch such a war, suffer no real consequences, and then reliably expect to be defended as “decent” and “well-intentioned” people who made understandable mistakes.

Fortunately, we have commenters such as “MBunge” to put Larison in his place, restore order and decency and, oh, by the way, contextualize U.S. government failings since World War II:

… you cannot understand what happened under George W. Bush without recognizing the precedences [sic] set under Bill Clinton. Watergate established that if you get caught, you’re better off coming clean than trying to stonewall. Lewinsky established that if you get caught, lie your ass off, make it all about politics and never stop fighting … and you can get away with it.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, someone has finally had the guts to tell the truth, name the names and invoke The Clenis(tm) as the source of all our civic ills, thereby restoring order to an unruly American intellectual marketplace. Thank God.


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