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Sunday, November 22, 2009 10:27 am


I’m not a huge fan of Washington Post writer Dana Milbank, but this piece of his on Saturday’s health-care reform debate and vote captures just how incredibly messed up the U.S. Senate is. “World’s greatest deliberative body,” my butt.

I guess my favorite part is where he gets Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu to claim that the additional $300 million in Medicaid funding for her state was “not the reason” for her “aye” vote. She had to say that, because if she didn’t, she’d be publicly admitting to taking a bribe. Fact is, I’m not sure how the arrangement doesn’t constitute bribery regardless of what she says.

That said, the vote never should have been this close in the first place. The arguments for this measure, flawed as it is, are compelling when it’s compared with the status quo and the nonexistent “alternatives” offered by the Republicans.

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