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Monday, June 29, 2009 8:46 pm

Policy, not patriotism

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After 9/11, it was quite common for people who didn’t necessarily agree with everything the Bush administration wanted to do to be criticized as “unpatriotic” (or even “objectively pro-terrorist”). That was untrue, poisonous rhetoric.

Which hasn’t prevented some Democrats from adopting it now that their guy is in the White House:

… the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) plans to run ads on the July 4 holiday criticizing several vulnerable Republican members for their votes against the supplemental last week. As Glenn Thrush reports, “A series of 60-second radio ads will run during drive time from July 1 through July 8, according to a script provided to POLITICO — and they have the support-our-troops ring of GOP spots.” Thrush provides the script:

Around here, we recognize Independence Day with parades … and picnics … maybe a few fireworks. But July Fourth is about more than that.

It’s about remembering those who fought for our freedoms. And those still fighting today. Congressman Lee Terry used to understand that.

When George Bush asked, Congressman Terry voted to fully fund our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, last year he said, quote, “We must give our military every resource it needs.”

Seems like Congressman Terry is playing politics now … Last month Congressman Terry voted AGAINST funding for those same troops. It’s true: vote No. 348 – you can look it up. [emphasis in original]

Leaving aside the merits of the International Monetary Fund loan pool that became part of the bill — a provision that led a number of members to switch their votes — the fact remains that voting against the supplemental is an issue on which reasonable, patriotic people can disagree. The Dems need to save the “unpatriotic” rhetoric for when it’s really needed — such as when Republicans or the president are doing something that undermines the Constitution.

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