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Saturday, October 10, 2009 1:41 pm

Lies and the lying liars who govern us

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If you lie to the government, it’s years in prison and a fine that’s probably several multiples of your annual income.

But if the government lies to you, particularly your investments, hey, it’s just doing what it has to do.

That little nugget, buried at the bottom of a NYT article this week, is elaborated upon by the Wall Street Cheat Sheet:

If you or anyone you know still believes the government (or the media) tell us only the truth, please pass them this direct admission that lying is a primary strategic device for so-called “authority figures”:

[T]he Treasury Department said that any review of [patently misleading and false] announcements last year “must be considered in light of the unprecedented circumstances in which they were made.”

Translation: when our elected representatives and their appointed officials believe we need to be manipulated, they rationalize their lies based on whether they think we need them at the time.

I am not naive. I firmly believe we have a problem with ignorance and sheeple in our country. However, the only way to fix the problem is to distribute more accurate information — not the opposite. Further, for those of us who work hard to stay educated, we expect to be treated like adults!

In this specific case, the Treasury Department’s lies (via Hank Paulson) encouraged people to hold their investments. Therefore, if you listened to Paulson et al, you literally lost your hard earned money and life savings. Last time I checked, citizens should not expect to get fiscally hosed by their Treasury Secretary.

Say it with me, kids: Rigged. Game.


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