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Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:36 pm

But there’s no war on women, Washington Free Beacon edition

If you watched Tuesday’s presidential debate, you may have noticed that a 24-year-old woman named Katherine Fenton stood up and asked President Obama what he intended to do about the gender wage gap. This action, of course, was so intolerable to the existing order that it resulted in Internet smearing supported by your tax dollars by the Washington Free Beacon, a six-month-old online newspaper that apparently has decided that its get-rich-quick scheme consists of:

  1. Tax exemption
  2. Bash women.
  3. Profit!

And I wish I could say that’s never worked, but, sadly, no, it has.

And speaking of Sadly, No!, Cerberus takes on the Beacon boys’ club, not only explaining in excruciating detail just how incredibly cruel and misogynistic this behavior is but also putting it into the context of how anti-everyone-except-pale-penised-people people have, in the past decade or so, stopped even pretending to be decent human beings anymore:

At least all the bitterness at women who dare think about [having sex] or being aware of the existence of sex proves that said horrible abusive little [jerks] aren’t getting any. We can only hope their horrible personalities keeps this true for a long, long, long-ass time.

I’m sorry but this is low, even for wingnuts and if I may speak honestly, is part of an escalation that’s been brewing for years now. Stepping up terrorism not just against public figures, but ordinary people. Instead of the Graham Frost incident being a fluke from a deranged meerkat wearing a woman suit, it’s become the new standard. Doesn’t matter if you’re a random low-level government official like Shirely Sherrod, a citizen speaking to Congress like Sandra Fluke, or just a woman asking a question at a Town Hall like Katherine Fenton. They will try and destroy us all in hopes that will cow us so much we all play along with their fictional reality and protect them from having to deal with their cognitive dissonance.

[Expletive], this attack had nothing to do with her question. A trained monkey could have answered her question. But since The Smiler is so divorced from human reactions he can’t imagine why bragging about a binder full of women might sound like something out of a slasher movie, well, blame the messenger, right?

I would hope that my daughter wouldn’t do some of the things Fenton talks about, and wouldn’t talk about it on the Internetz if she did. But you know what? Freedom means that some people are going to do things you don’t necessarily approve of. And while it might be legal to use the power of a media outlet — sad, lame and minor-league though it be — to go full-metal jackass on an otherwise anonymous 24-year-old woman, and to hide behind the byline “Washington Free Beacon Staff” at that, that doesn’t make it right.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 8:06 pm

Reason No. 724,482 why I love women

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They can protect us from Teh Skunk:

Rhonda Dannenberg, a suburban mother of three, stuck her nose in six glasses of beer at the MillerCoors brewery here and swished a bit of each in her mouth. Then she delivered the kind of frank verdict that’s shaking up the mens-club world of beer tasting.

“I got a strong bruised fruit,” Ms. Dannenberg, 36 years old, said of one of the Miller Lite batches, drawing a few nods from the three other women and two men at the table. “Slight cardboard taste. Oxidized. Unacceptable.”

At many companies, the assembled panelists would have been men, typically brew masters and other technical types. And it makes sense. To judge from TV commercials, men like beer better than women do and sometimes even seem to like beer more than they like women.

But the British company SABMiller PLC decided several years ago to reach deeper into its employee pool to find adept tasters, inviting marketers, secretaries and others to try their hand. The company concluded that women were drinking men under the table.

“We have found that females often are more sensitive about the levels of flavor in beer,” says Barry Axcell, SABMiller’s chief brewer. Women trained as tasters outshine their male counterparts, he says.

If practice makes perfect, men should have the clear edge in beer tasting, since they account for 72.8% of the world’s beer sales, according to market-research firm Datamonitor Group. But SABMiller, which makes Pilsner Urquell, Peroni and Grolsch in addition to Miller and Coors brands, says its empirical evidence shows that females are the superior sex when it comes to detecting such undesirable chemicals as 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, which makes beer “skunky.”

Y’know, I sort of kind of generally know what I like in terms of how different beers taste, but I can’t swear to you I could pick my “favorite” out in any kind of blind taste test. (I’ve been to maybe a dozen wine tastings in my life, which is a dozen more than the beer tastings I’ve been to. Go figure.) So it’s good to know that the ladies of SABMiller PLC have got my back, cervisially* speaking.

*cervisially (adv.): in a way or manner of or pertaining to beer, from  L. “cervisa,” beer. Now don’t say you never learned anything here.

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